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The system, which fully simulates real CNC machine functions and controller functions, allows you to receive dangerous training safely and risk-free. Thanks to its various content, it gives you the opportunity to learn different control panels.


  • It has a 3D and realistic image.
  • The user interface is very understandable and easy
  • It significantly reduces training costs by eliminating machinery and consumable expenses.
  • It offers different color and size options for different user-defined CNC machines and parts.
  • It offers different machine types according to the piece size processed.
  • Instructors can supervise their students in different setups.
  • Users receive dangerous training in a risk-free environment.
  • It is very suitable for those who are beginners and want to improve themselves on different machines.
  • CNCPro has a tool library to offer better training.
  • It has user-defined tools and attachments.
  • CNCPro offers different controllers such as Fanuc series and Siemens controllers.
  • The controllers have soft keys and exhibit the various functions that a real controller has.

CNC simulator consists of the following hardware;

  • 10 simulation computers
  • 10 touch screens
  • 1 uninterruptible power supply (used to ensure data and system security against power outages.)

CNC Simulator Software Features

  • The training module software supports 3-axis vertical/horizontal machining centers and lathes.
  • The simulation software supports controllers of at least 3 different brands known in the market for these machines.
  • All functions of the supported controllers, such as screenshots, buttons, etc., are simulated exactly in the software.
  • Ready-made practice examples are available for supported controllers.
  • The simulation software has a tool and a touch probe that can measure the length of the tool installed on the machine.
  • The steps that must be followed while working on the real machine can also be done in the simulation software in an equivalent way.
  • In addition to commercial controllers, the program also includes a simple controller interface that includes their basic functions and allows entry-level training to be carried out quickly.
  • The machine and its equipment are selectable.
  • The software includes a wizard function that will make progress easy for beginners.
  • The simulation software supports the printing function.
  • The simulation software allows the preparation of an end-of-training report for each student after the training is completed.
  • The simulation software allows NC code software to open, revise and save previously written codes.
  • The software enables the simulation of NC codes taken from CAD/CAM systems.
  • Simulation software allows verifications such as dimensional control, plunge control, excess or undercutting and marking at the end of the job.
  • Simulation software has testing tools such as verification and measurement to control the quality of the work done after the process.
  • Simulation software can visualize coolant

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