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SANLAB Learning Technologies makes learning fast, easy and effective with its solutions that meet the learning needs of individuals. While it provides individuals with new professional and technical competencies, it enables them to continue their current professions with a different competency. It enables the training of the qualified workforce needed in the professional fields of today and the future. With virtual training environments designed to best suit learning needs, it minimizes training times and costs and eliminates the risks of work accidents. With e-learning solutions, it makes the learning process independent of time and place. Technologies developed by SANLAB are used at more than 230 points in 55 provinces of Turkey. It is included in the learning processes by Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Industry, Organized Industrial Zones, Municipalities, Universities, vocational training institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education and private companies, and trains human resources for more than 30 professions. It continues to work as a solution partner of many leading companies in its sector with the virtual reality applications it has developed and prepares society for the transformation.

To deliver our simulation-based innovative training technologies to all kinds of institutions and organizations providing vocational education. Contributing to the development and productivity increase of all kinds of sectors with our simulation technologies

Expanding the use of simulation technologies and developing high added value solutions

With its holistic quality approach, SANLAB has adopted as its QUALITY POLICY to produce solutions beyond customer expectations, provide qualified services and ensure customer satisfaction at all stages from determining product requirements to customer delivery.

Our most critical issue should be to attach importance to vocational education and direct our youth to vocational education in order to guarantee the business life of our young people and to solve the qualified personnel problem of our industry. As SANLAB, we have been helping our young people become professional and employed for years with the learning technologies we have developed. We are the learning & education technologies solution partner of many public and private institutions. All our stakeholders in vocational education are finding the 'wanted employee' with SANLAB technologies and writing success stories in the employment of young people. With a focus on youth employment, we aim to spread this experience throughout the country and the world for timeless professions and the professions of the future.

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