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Paint Simulator trains competent workers faster. This training tool creates accessible, repeatable learning experiences that don't increase material costs or impact the production line. In Paint Simulator, clean-up and prep are kept to a minimum while emphasizing hands-on experiences. Integrated analysis provides objective performance measures that support the instructor's ability to guide trainees. Instructors spend more one-on-one time with trainees and cover more advanced content.


  • Realistic Painting - Paint with primer, color, varnish and imperfections (orange peel, dry spray, drips and sags).
  • Coverage Map - View target shaft structure by applied paint thickness with an easy-to-use map.
  • 3D Line Replay - Viewing the 3D line Replay of coater performance showing the gun's distance to the part, angle, distance, and speed per pass.
  • Training Tips - Guide training with distance, angle and speed tips to develop ideal plating technique.
  • Performance Review - Improve with angle, distance, speed and transmission efficiency scores.Analysis charts highlight flaws.
  • Immersive Environments - engaging environments rich with realistic detail.
  • Curriculum – Track intern progress through customized learning content.
  • Integrated ROI – Track return on investment with an integrated tool that shows system usage, material and cost savings, and VOC emissions.

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