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Electric Vehicle Training Simulator

Electric Vehicle Training Simulator

Electric Vehicle Training Simulator is designed so that individuals can learn all components of electric vehicles in a virtual environment and maintain them in case of malfunction.

The simulation environment, which includes rich scenario content, allows operations such as engine assembly, vehicle assembly, battery creation, vehicle locking and unlocking to be carried out in a realistic environment. While it offers instructors the opportunity to configure vehicles, it provides students the opportunity to work with different types of vehicles, engines and batteries.

It teaches the structure, components, operation and maintenance principles of electric vehicles at theoretical and practical levels. The software, which also teaches occupational health and safety processes specific to electric vehicles, provides a safe working environment at high voltage.


  • The software is designed to be completely controllable with VR headsets and controllers.
  • Thanks to current technology and high-reliability motion tracking system, it can simulate maintenance steps.
  • It offers a working environment in 4 different application areas: Theoretical Training, Theoretical Test, Practical Training and Practical Test.
  • EVMPro+ includes different scenarios on recognizing assembly equipment, selecting suitable tools for assembly, and performing assembly using appropriate tools.
  • Users can practice with repeatable exercises, monitor their progress and receive instant feedback.
  • Theoretical and practical test applications offer the opportunity to test what you have learned.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Thanks to its reporting features, it allows the user to track progress.
  • It offers assembly and disassembly scenarios in 2 different charging station types: AC and DC.
  • It records and reports the user's scenario time, total score, success status, success rate and security violations during training.
  • It helps you learn many details of electric vehicle and charging station technology with its rich scenario content.

Electric vehicle training maintenance simulator consists of the following equipment;

  • 1 simulation computer
  • 1 monitor/TV
  • 1 virtual reality glasses
  • 2 tracking sensors
  • 1 stand

Software Features

  • The software will be fully controllable with VR headsets and controllers. After running the software, the student will be able to select the training he/she wants to see from the menus and start it.
  • The software will run at least 60 fps.
    512 / 1024 and 2K (2048 pixel) texture atlases will be used in the software.
  • Objects that are the main elements in the software will cover at least one atlas, while less important environmental and non-interactive objects will share the same atlas and help the FPS value in image optimization.
  • TGA texture format will be used in the software. TGA, Targa texture format is a losslessly compressed format that takes up little space.
  • In the software, details will be transferred from three-dimensional models with Highpoly structure to models with Lowpoly structure, using normal map texture.
  • While optimization is achieved thanks to lowpoly models, highpoly details will be preserved with the help of normal map.
  • Highpoly Model, detailed, three-dimensional objects with a very high polygon structure, is difficult to use in real time in terms of optimization. Lowpoly Model provides optimization of detailed, three-dimensional objects with low polygon structure, suitable for real time use. Normal Map is used to obtain the details revealed by light on surfaces in two dimensions.

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